Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tim Giesel Jr. Photo from newspaper clipping - 2008
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Our kinsman Tim Giesel is in the news again. Tim, who is 17 years old, was named "Player of the Week" by his hometown newspaper The Chronicle for his outstanding record for the LaGrange, Ohio "Wildcats". A senior in high school, Tim "… led the Wildcats to a 2-1 record, recording five goals and an assist. His big week included his fort hat trick (3 points) of the season in a 4-1 win over Admiral King. He had a pair of goals and another assist in a 5-3 win over Patriot Athletic Conference opponent Brookside.
Bio: Giesel's five goals and three assists lead the Wildcats in both categories. He's also on the baseball team and is the place-kicker for the football team. He's nailed three field goals this season, the longest a 37 yarder against Monroeville. Giesel is a good student and enjoys history. He's a member of the school's Model United Nations.
Looking ahead: He would like to play baseball at either Kent State or Tiffin University. (article sent to Gerald Fecht by his grandmother Phyllis Giesel in September 2008).
Earlier in the year, Tim's soccer coach stated: "We’ve had great senior leadership from Tim (Geisel).

“Moving him from goal last year into the field this year, we kind of wondered how he’d react. But he responded very well. He’s our leading goal scorer and he’s scorer and he’s leading in assists.”
Timothy Dean Giesel Jr. was born in Elyria, Lorain Country, Ohio. His birthday is on the 16th of August. He is the son of Linda and Timothy Giesel Sr. Tim is the great grandson of Forest Autumn Weaver (the brother of Leona Belle Weaver Crites) and descendent of John S. Weaver.
Our young relative Tim Giesel Jr. has been involved in sports since starting school. In 1999, the following was published about him:
"Timothy, who will be in fourth grade at West Carlisle Elementary this fall, was invited to participate in Atlanta, after winning his age level in the Diamond Skills Baseball Competition at Jacobs Field in Cleveland. the contest was a test of hitting, running, fielding and throwing of several age groups of young ball players. That, alone was quite a feat for the youngster, having been chosen the winner from among 30 winners in each age group at every major league ball park. Tim has learned his skills as a member of the Grafton Cable Team for class H Hot Stove in the LaGrange Hot Stove League, as well as through his dad’s coaching.
The Atlanta events were held at Turner Field, just prior to the nationally televised MLB Home Run Derby. The Major League Baseball Association provided airfare and hotel accommodations for Tim and his dad, Tim. They were treated to many other memory-making events, including seeing all the Major League Players up close and personal and receiving hats, jerseys, signed baseballs, baseball cards, and pennants, as well as a toy store gift certificate.
Timothy’s mom Linda, was there when dad and Tim arrived home July 12th. Tim brought home a huge plaque, awarded to him for first place in the 7-8 year old division. Somehow, however, the memories of the event, for Tim and his parents will probably always be bigger. “

Sunday, September 14, 2008


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Currency from WWII - Gift from James L. Fecht to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2007 (click on image to enlarge)
Two (likely) Japanese bills given to his Museum by James Fecht just before his death. Jim acquired these bills on Iwo Jima at the same time he got the Philippine note.


James Louis Fecht was the great grandson of Mary Ann (Secrist) and Josiah Crites. He served as a U.S. Marine in the South Pacific during World War II.

Philippine 10 centavo note: Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by James L. Fecht in 2007
James Fecht, a young American Marine in World War II brought back several interesting artifacts, one of which is this small 10 centavo note from pre-World War II Philippines. The bill was found on a Japanese soldier captured during the invasion of the Island of Iwo Jima. Japanese prisoners, and there were very few on Iwo Jima, were stripped and made to lay under barbed wire. Artifacts in their clothing not deemed of military significance were divided among the young Americans guarding the prisoners.
Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click to enlarge)

After WWII, James Fecht married and settled in the San Fernando Valley. It was years before he talked about his experiences in the war, among which was the guarding of prisoners on Iwo Jima. He talked about how much he hated the prisoners, and how he feared them. Jim had seen the results of the Japanese army's atrocities on other islands and the deaths of his friends and fellow Marines. His indoctrination about the "sub-human" status of the Japanese made him more fearful, dangerous and determined.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


William Thomas Fecht and Mildred Fecht
Photo taken in Everett, Washington c. 1947 by Mildren's sister Mary Richards (click on image to enlarge)

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(front row left to right)
Bonnie MacDougal, Mary Richards, Jess Larimer, Stephen Rebbe (little boy), Mildred Fecht
(back row - left to right)
Kenneth Richards, Claude Crites and William T. Fecht

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Susan and Earl Wojcieszak - Wedding - May 29, 1965 Susan is the great grand-daughter of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.

These photos were among the collection of Mildred Fecht

Friday, September 5, 2008


Gerald Richard Fecht - Propaganda photograph taken at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Los Alamitos, California. About 1960 or 1961.
Jerry is the great grandson of Mary Ann (Secrist) and Josiah Crites

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Congratulations to our kinsman, Darren Wojcieszak on his promotion to Police Captain for the City of Ukiah, California. Darren is the grandson of Joye (Barnes) and James L. Fecht. Darren is the great, great, great, great grandson of John and Elizabeth Crites.
He is the grandson of Joye and James L. Fecht.

To learn more about the life and times of Darren, Google Wojcieszak and Ukiah. He's a busy man.



Our new kinsman was born on the 5th of August in Sutter Hospital, Lakeport, California. He is the son of Samantha and Michael Wayne Wojcieszak.
Sean's Crites heritage:
John Crites
Josiah Crites and Mary Ann Secrist Crites
John Franklin Crites and Leona Weaver Crites

Sean is the g-g-g-g-g-great grandson of John and Elizabeth (Rider) Crites. (That's right - six levels)