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"First Cousins" xerox image shared for this Crites Family Photos blog by Dana Colbran 2007 (click on image to enlarge)
"All First Cousins"
l to r
Dane Secrist, Art Secrist, Albert Crites
Bertha McKibben, May Whitaker, and Ida Crites Gawthop
Ida and Albert were the children of Mary Ann (Secrist) and Josiah Crites


David Secrist was the seventh child of Huldah (Hockasmith) (BS-221-S) and Jacob Secrist (BS-221). He was born on the 27th of March, 1827 in ___________Pennsylvania or Ohio. David died on the 23rd of March, 1857 and was buried in the old Mock Cemetery in North Webster, Kosciusko County, Indiana. David was raised as a member of the Church of the Brethren.
Note: “David's date of birth is taken from Viva Sechrist's (GX5A2) typescript, which indicated that David and Catherine first lived in Stark County, moving to Indiana circa 1853 with his brother Solomon (B2214). In Indiana they settled near his father, which was close to today's Indian Village, Sparta Township, Noble County, Indiana. Later, David and Catharine moved to the "T. K. Warner" farm north of North Webster, Tippecanoe County. In the 1879 census, Thomas Warner owned over 300 north and west of Webster between Tippecanoe Lake and Boydston Lake.”
(notes of Bob Secrist 1998)

In 1849, the year of the great California gold rush, David married to Catherine Ann Bachtel. (a sister to Mary Bechtol, the wife of Solomon Secrist). David and Catherine resided in Tippecanoe Township, in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Catherine Bachtel was the daughter of Mary (Sherman) and Daniel Bachtel. Her paternal grandparents were Catherine (Letch) and David Bachtel. Catherine’s family moved to Pike Township, in Stark County, Ohio in the spring of 1814. And, according to a note in the records of Margaret (Crites) Leonard, the family “settled in the woods.” Mary (Sherman) and Daniel Bachtel had ten children. They were: 1) Samuel, 2) Martha, 3) Moses A_______, 4) Aaron, 5) Jacob Andrew, 6) Cathine Ann, 7) John Henry, 8) Mary Ann, 9) Emmanuel, and 10) Susan.

(note: some records call her Catharine)
born: 31 July, 1828 in Stark County, Ohio
mother: Mary (SHERMAN)
father: Daniel BACHTEL
married: 1st) 23 December, 1849 to David SECRIST (BS-2217)
in Stark County, Ohio
widowed in 1857
married: 2nd) 22 June, 1873 to John KUHN jr. (BS-2217-T)
in Kosciusko County, Indiana
died: 22 September, 1898 in ________________
buried: ______________ in Mock Cemetery, North Webster,
Kosciusko Co., Indiana

According to Bob Secrist’s records, Catherine resided in Sparta Township, Noble County, Indiana in 1860. Catherine's birth data is from Viva Sechrist's (GX5A2) typescript.

Catherine Ann (Bechtol) and David Secrist had four children. These were: 1) Mary Ann, 2) John H_______, 3) Lewis Francis and 4) Elizabeth ________ Secrist.


1) MARY ANN SECRIST (B-22171) (c-79 - s-383)
born: 4 February, 1851 in near Canton, Stark Co., Ohio
mother: Catherine Ann (BACHTEL) (B-2217-S)
father: David SECRIST (B-2217)
married: 7 November, 1868 to Josiah CRITES (B-22171-S)
in Pierceton, Indiana
died: 30 March, 1932 in North Webster, Kosciusko Co, Ind.
buried: __________ in North Webster, Tippecanoe Township,
in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

2) JOHN H__________ SECRIST (B-22172) (s-313)
born: 23 March, 1853 in
mother: Catherine Ann (BACHTEL) (B-2217-S)
father: David SECRIST (B-2217)
died: 23 September, 1939 in

3) LEWIS FRANCIS SECRIST (B-22173) (s-314)
born: 17 July, 1855 in ________ Noble County, Indiana
mother: Catherine Ann (BACHTEL) (B-2217-S)
father: David SECRIST (B-2217)
married: 19 March, 1893 to Ester C. HOOPER (B-22173-S)
in ________, Kosciusko County, Indiana
source: (Bk J p 291)
died: 2 October1910 in ___________, __________ County, _______
buried: __________ in Indian Village Cemetery,
Sparta Township, Noble County, Indiana
grave: Section 31: 2 - row 7
residence: Cromwell, Sparta Township, Noble County, Indiana

4) ELIZABETH __________ SECRIST (B-22174) (s-315)
called “Lib”
born: 24 August, 1857 in Noble County, Indiana
mother: Catherine Ann (BACHTEL) (B-2217-S)
father: David SECRIST (B-2217)
married: 9 November, 1881 to Joseph Defreese PLEW (B-22174-S)
in __________
died: 20 November, 1939 in ________________, Indiana
buried: _________ in Leesburg Cemetery, Leesburg, Indiana

Notes: (by Bob Secrist)
“After Catherine's husband's death she moved back to the Indian Village area. The 14 June 1860 Sparta Township, Noble County, census reported she was 32 years old and had $200 personal estate. According to family tradition, circa 1863
Catharine sent her children Mary Ann (B22171) and Lewis (B22173) to her sister Elizabeth (B2216) to raise. Some descendants state that only Mary Ann was sent there and Lewis was raised by his mother. In the 25 August 1870 Tippecanoe Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana, census, she was a 42 year-old housekeeper residing with Jesse and Elizabeth Beighton(?) and her children John (B22172) and Elizabeth (B22174).”

Some years after the loss of her first husband Catherine Ann (Bechtol) Secrist married a second time to John Kuhn Jr. John was the son of Susannah (Mock) and John Kuhn Sr.

JOHN __________ KUHN Jr. (B-2217-T)
mother: Susannah (MOCK)
father: John KUHN Sr.
married: 22 June, 1873 to Catherine (BECHTOL) SECRIST (B-2217-S) in Kosciusko Co, Indiana

Notes: (Bob Secrist) “Catharine married second John "Grandaddy" Kuhn, Jr. in Kosciusko County (see page 100 of Kosciusko County Marriage Book E) on 22 June 1873. John and Catharine lived north of Secrist Lake, southwest of North Webster, Kosciusko County, about one- fourth mile on the east side of the highway. John's parents were John Kuhn and Susannah "Susan" Mock.
Catherine's interment is from Viva Sechrist's (GX5A2) "Secrist Genealogy", but family tradition gives burial in either the Indian Village Cemetery, Sparta Township, Noble County or North Webster Cemetery, Tippecanoe Township, Kosciusko County.
We have seen Catherine's last name spelled Bechtel, Bechtal and Bechtol. Mary Bechtol (B2214S) was her sister.”



born: 5 March, 1845 in _________________
mother: Eliza (DALY)
father: John CRITES
married: to He B __ COLE

mother: Eliza (DALY)
father: John CRITES
married: _______, c. 1846 to Joseph B. OWENS in __________ Noble County, Indiana
source: Noble County Marriage Records

3) MARY (MOLLIE) __________ CRITES
mother: Eliza (DALY)
father: John CRITES
married: _______ c. 1849 to John McFARREN in __________, Kosciusko County, Indiana
source: Kociusco County Marriage Records
lived in May of 1885 in Justus, Stark County, Ohio

4) JOSIAH M_________ CRITES
born: 8 April, 1847 in ___________, _________, _______
mother: Eliza (DALY)
father: John CRITES
married: 7 November, 1868 to Mary Ann SECRIST in ________
source: Kosciusco County Marriage Records book D 119
died: 14 April, 1895 in __________, _________, Indiana
buried: __________ in Indian Village Cemetery, Sparta Township, Noble County, Indiana.

5) ALBERT __________ CRITES (c-280)
born: ___________c. 1849 in ___________ County, _________
mother: Eliza (DALY)
father: John CRITES
married: 1st) __________ to Molly ___________ (c-408) in ____________
married: 2nd) __________ to Clara B. CARTER (c-410) in ___________
died: ___________________ in __________________________
buried: ______________ in ____________ Cemetery, in _______________

6) ISSAC N_________ CRITES
born: 21 May, 1858 in Indian Village, Kosciusko Co. Indiana
mother: Eliza (DALY)
father: John CRITES
married: 28 May, 188o to Emma BARBER in ______, Kosciusko County, Indiana
source: Kosciusko County Marriage Records book F278
died: 11 March, 1892 in Warsaw, Indiana.

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The Family of Richard and Wyota Crites - Courtesy of Judith Dillard 2008 (click on image to enlarge) Refer to picture number: 08-22-08-B

Richard and Wyota Crites with their five kids
Mary Lee, Judy, Penny, Dicky and Kathy
Note: The order of these children in the photo is unknown

left to right
(back row) Wyota and Richard Crites


Xerox copy of photo shared by Judith Dillard 2008 - Leona Belle Weaver Crites (click on image to enlarge)
Grandma Leona Crites lived much of her life in Minot, North Dakota. For years she sent my a quarter on my birthday (don't I wih I had saved those solid silver coins?)


Children of Wyota and Richard Crties / Ruby and Ted Crites.
xerox photo provided by Judith Dillard. (click on image to enlarge)

OK - family, who are these kids.
Refer to Photo Number 08-11-08
Left to right:
Tall girl
Child in front of tall girl (with suspenders and hand over his eyes)
Girl with glasses holding a baby
Blond girl in front
Boy with hand on his nose
Boy looking away from group to the right

Dick and Wyota's kids are:
1) Mary Leona
2) Judith Ann
3) Penelope
4) Richard Franklin Jr.
5) Kathleen Elizabeth
6) Wyota Nevada

Ruby and Kenneth's kids are
1) Kenneth
2) Greg


(click on image to enlarge)
Richard Crites, Tommy Dillard, Wyota Crites and Rea Dillard
Original photograph taken in 1982. This is a Xerox copy provided for the Crites Family blog by Judith Dillard 2008.

Thomas Leroy and Rea Dillard are the modern descendents of
John Crites
Josiah Crites and Mary Ann Secrist Crites
John Franklin and Leona Belle Weaver Crites
Richard Franklin and Wyota Crites
Thomas and Judith Dillard

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(Click on image to enlarge) xerox image courtesy of Dana Colbran 2007
Three years after his return from his service in the Civil War, Josiah Crites married Mary Ann Secrist on 7 November, 1868, when he was 22 years of age. Mary Ann was the daughter of Catherine Ann (Bachtel) (c-173 - s- 382) and David Secrist (c-172 - s-10)

MARY ANN SECRIST (B-22171) (c-79 - s-383)
born: 4 February, 1851 in near Canton, Stark Co., Ohio
mother: Catherine Ann (BACHTEL) (B-2217-S)
father: David SECRIST (B-2217-S)
married: 7 November, 1868 to Josiah CRITES (B-22171-S) in _________
died: 30 March, 1932 in North Webster, Kosciusko Co, Ind.
buried: __________ in North Webster, Tippecanoe Township,
in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Mary Ann is buried on her brother John Secrist’s (B-22172) lot in the North Webster Cemetery. She lived most of her adult life in North Webster, Indiana.
Note: Mary Ann Secrist was 8 years old in the 1860 census.

On the 7th of November, 1868 Mary Ann Secrist married a young Civil War veteran Josiah Crites. Prior to their marriage, Mary Anne had been living, since the age of twelve, with her maternal aunt and uncle, Mrs. and Mr. John Hartzell.


John Edward Crites c. 1939 (click on image to enlarge)
Special thanks to our kinswoman Dana Colbran for sharing this image of John Edward Crites with our Crites Family Photos blog
John Edward Crites (c-182) was the sixth child of Leona Belle (Weaver) and John Franklin Crites. He was born on the 27th of September, 1908 in Minot, Ward County, North Dakota. John was married to Thelma Grace Yuly, with whom two children were born: Patricia Ann, and Denis Dewayne Crites.

The following is a fragment of a newspaper article found in the notes of Mildred Fecht.

_____________ of Minot
___________ Machine Gun
___________ Guard Camp

__________ Weapon After Competitive
Private in D Company at
Two Children Left

D Company, Minot, died in a
Sunday, from a bullet wound
ge of a machine gun in the after
164th Indantry is encamped.
Lieut. Col. B. C. Boyd, senior officer
ordance department and Major
, appointed by Col. LeRoy Baird, is
the fatal wounding of the Minot
army corps area at Omaha and the
been notified of the death.
in balloon shooting competition in
day ceremony at the camp and
were returning to their headquarters
pon was accidently discharged, the
coming out throuh the small of his
summoned and every facility of the midi-
Devils Lake was employed in an effort to

25 members of E company of Williston volunteered themselves, for blood transfusions to save his life. He died three hours after the accident.
Crites had seen four years of service in D company, and after being out of the company for a couple of years, had re-enlisted only a few days before it left for camp.
Married, the father of two children, Patricia Ann, aged six and Dennis Duarne, aged 17 months, Crites lived at 1015 Third Avenue Northeast.
Mrs. Crites, a sister, Mrs. R. K. Richards, Mrs. Bruce Brooks, a sister of Mrs. Crites, and Dale Crites, a brother, went to Devils Lake today to make arrangements for bringing the body home.
Tenative plans call for the funeral to be held at the First Presbyterian Church and for the burial in Rosehill Cemetery.
Crites, who was born in Minot, is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Crites, Minot, and eight brothers and sisters in addition to his wife and two children. The brothers and sisters are: Mrs. J. M. Larmer, Kenmare, Mrs. Mildred Fecht, Mexico, Missouri,; Clinton, Hinsdale Montana; Claude, Minot, now visiting Yakima, Washington; Mrs. Richards, and Dale, Keeneth and Richard, all from Minot, the latter also with D. Company at Camp Grafton.
Crites, except for odd jobs, had been unemployed in recent month. For five years he worked in an oil filling station at Fourth Avenue and Third Street Southwest.

Note: John's brother Dale had been in ill health for some time at the time of his brother's death. Mildred Fecht said that Dale simply gave up after John's death and died shortly thereafter.

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Albert Crites, son of Mary Ann (Secrist) and Josiah Crites.
Albert Crites
(click on images to enlarge)
I've just learned how to make half-way decent photos from xerox copies. Dana Colbran, the great granddaughter of Ida Crites Gawthrop (The sister of John Franklin Crites and Albert Crites) send me many images that I will start sharing as soon as I can.

Uncle Bert (Albert) was a quite man who loved music. He taught music in the Brethren Church in Liveoak, California and conducted the little white church's choir.

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Jesse and Etta Mae Larimer - October 10, 1966 - xerox photo courtesy of Judith Dillard - 2008 (click on image to enlarge)
"Aunt Mae and Uncle Jess' 50th Anniversary 1969.
Etta Mae Crites (B-2217113) (c-50) was the third child and eldest daughter of Leona Belle (Weaver) and John Franklin Crites. She was born on the 16th of April, 1900, in North Webster, Kosciusko County, Indiana. She died in 1970.
Mae was married to Jesse (called Jess) Larimer. He was born on the 7th of October1886 in North Judson, Green County, Indiana. His mother was Lorina (Roberts) and his father was Joe Larimer.
Aunt Mae and Uncle Jess were married on the 30th of 1919 in the Minot Methodist Church, in Minot, North Dakota.
Etta Mae Crites Larimer (called Mae) attended Minot School at Minot, Ward County, North Dakota and Live Oak School at Live Oak, California. She went as far as the 8th. grade.
As a child she was happy and loved to sing. However, at the age of 15 she was badly injured when a horse lunged throwing her at the base of a hayrack. Mae was knocked unconscious, then awoke only to lapse into unconscious again. She had rib injuries but many in the family believed that she suffered a skull fracture or sever concussion as well. According to general family belief was never the same after the accident.
Mae is buried next to her daughter Bonnie McDougal at Loma Vista Cemetery in Fullerton, California. The graves are in an old part of the cemetery near a tiled roof building.


Wyota and Richard Crites - Xerox copy - Shared by Judith Dillard with the Crites Family Photos blog 2008 (click on image to enlarge)

This faded photograph of Wyota and Richard Crites was taken in 1982. Aunt Wyota was 62 years old. Uncle Dick was 70.
Wyota Elizabeth Crites was born on the 1st of January, 1920 in Minot, Ward County, North Dakota.

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Richard Crites Sr. - Xerox copy photograph shared with the Crites Family Pictures Blog by Judith Dillard 2008. (click on image to enlarge)

Dick Crites was born on a homestead near Hinsdale, Montana in 1916, just prior to the First World War. He was very much a man of the American West, living the last years of his life in Texas.
Richard Crites and his wife Wyotta were married in 1937 in Minot, North Dakota. They had six children, five of whom are still living.

Please note that some maiden names are excluded from this blog for identity security.


Xerox copy of Richard Crites Sr. - shared with this Crites Family blog by Judith Dillard 2008. (click on image to enlarge)

Richard Crites was called Dick by his parents and siblings. He was the 8th child of Leona and John Franklin Crites, and as such his older brothers and sisters knew him chiefly through family letters and occasional visits when he reached adulthood. This photograph was taken on March 29th, 1943. His younger brother Kenneth Crites also served in the Second World War. An older brother John died from a machine gun accident while on duty at a North Dakota National Guard Camp at Devil's Lake.


Robert Richards and Richard F. Crites (click on photo to enlarge)
This is a xerox copy of a snapshot taken in Everett, Washington. It is shared with this Crites Family Photo blog by Judith Dillard 2008.
Robert Kenneth Richards Junior to the left is the great-grandson of Josiah and Mary Ann Secrist Crites. He continues to live near Everett, Washington in 2008.
Richard Franklin Crites Senior was born on the 28th of July, 1916 in Hinsdale Valley, Montana.. Dick was the son of Leona Belle (Weaver) and John Franklin Crites. He had a lifelong military career.