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John Edward Crites c. 1939 (click on image to enlarge)
Special thanks to our kinswoman Dana Colbran for sharing this image of John Edward Crites with our Crites Family Photos blog
John Edward Crites (c-182) was the sixth child of Leona Belle (Weaver) and John Franklin Crites. He was born on the 27th of September, 1908 in Minot, Ward County, North Dakota. John was married to Thelma Grace Yuly, with whom two children were born: Patricia Ann, and Denis Dewayne Crites.

The following is a fragment of a newspaper article found in the notes of Mildred Fecht.

_____________ of Minot
___________ Machine Gun
___________ Guard Camp

__________ Weapon After Competitive
Private in D Company at
Two Children Left

D Company, Minot, died in a
Sunday, from a bullet wound
ge of a machine gun in the after
164th Indantry is encamped.
Lieut. Col. B. C. Boyd, senior officer
ordance department and Major
, appointed by Col. LeRoy Baird, is
the fatal wounding of the Minot
army corps area at Omaha and the
been notified of the death.
in balloon shooting competition in
day ceremony at the camp and
were returning to their headquarters
pon was accidently discharged, the
coming out throuh the small of his
summoned and every facility of the midi-
Devils Lake was employed in an effort to

25 members of E company of Williston volunteered themselves, for blood transfusions to save his life. He died three hours after the accident.
Crites had seen four years of service in D company, and after being out of the company for a couple of years, had re-enlisted only a few days before it left for camp.
Married, the father of two children, Patricia Ann, aged six and Dennis Duarne, aged 17 months, Crites lived at 1015 Third Avenue Northeast.
Mrs. Crites, a sister, Mrs. R. K. Richards, Mrs. Bruce Brooks, a sister of Mrs. Crites, and Dale Crites, a brother, went to Devils Lake today to make arrangements for bringing the body home.
Tenative plans call for the funeral to be held at the First Presbyterian Church and for the burial in Rosehill Cemetery.
Crites, who was born in Minot, is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Crites, Minot, and eight brothers and sisters in addition to his wife and two children. The brothers and sisters are: Mrs. J. M. Larmer, Kenmare, Mrs. Mildred Fecht, Mexico, Missouri,; Clinton, Hinsdale Montana; Claude, Minot, now visiting Yakima, Washington; Mrs. Richards, and Dale, Keeneth and Richard, all from Minot, the latter also with D. Company at Camp Grafton.
Crites, except for odd jobs, had been unemployed in recent month. For five years he worked in an oil filling station at Fourth Avenue and Third Street Southwest.

Note: John's brother Dale had been in ill health for some time at the time of his brother's death. Mildred Fecht said that Dale simply gave up after John's death and died shortly thereafter.

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