Monday, April 14, 2008


Henrietta Weaver Hire in old age.
Aside from photographs and information about John Franklin Crites, his siblings and ancestors, photos and stories about his wife's family (Leona Belle Weaver Crites) will also be posted.
This is one of the Weaver Family postings.

Henrietta Weaver (c-301) was the daughter of Louisa (Strombeck) (c-821) and John S. Weaver (IV) (c-178). One family photograph indicates that Henrietta may have been called Etta as a nickname. Henrietta’s mother Louisa died while she was a young woman. Henrietta’s father then remarried to Elizabeth Ann Paugh, who much loved her step-daughter.
Henrietta was the half-sister of Leona Weaver Crites.

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