Sunday, June 22, 2008


(click on photo to enlarge it) Look at the far right fence post.
Nature does an excellent job disguising things, so you'll have to look hard to see the visitor to Karla and Jim Barton's garden this week in Washington State. Karla, the great, great grand-daughter of Mary Ann (Secrist) and Josiah Crites, lives on seven beautiful acres of land near Lake Stevens, Washington. Three of the acres must remain in their natural state, which invites lots of interesting neighbors to her yard.
When Karla and her sister Karen were small girls, their grandfather Bill Fecht was walking down the road from his home to pick up the afternoon mail. He watched as the two children played at the edge of a forest of fir trees and blackberry bushes. Their pet duck was flying into the air and the girls were throwing sticks at something. To his terror, he saw a mountain lion being chased away by the girls defending their pet. He went to their rescue and all were safe, including the duck.

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