Thursday, April 21, 2011


Most veterans, returning home at the conclusion of WWII, were determined to make the American dream a reality. Thousands of homes were built in the San Fernando Valley, and many young vets, like Joe Hosler and Jim Fecht started their own businesses. Jim and Joe bought a pickup truck, acquired electrical contractors' licenses, and opened up shop. These images were among the effects donated to The Museum by James Fecht just before his death. (click on images to enlarge)
 Photo 2722 - Pickup truck belonging to James Fecht and Joseph Hosler - 1949

 Photo 2721 - left Joe Hosler, right James Fecht with their new truck.  1949 - North Hollywood, gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Jim Fecht 2009.

Photo 2723 - James Fecht in North Hollywood, California in 1949. The location was on Elmer Avenue, an area removed for the construction of the 101 freeway. Jim was a World War II Marine.

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