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Albert and Irene Crites - baby is Francis Crites.
Albert Crites was born on the 17th of May, 1873 in Indian Village, Kosciusko County, Indiana. He was the second son of Mary Ann (Secrist) (c-79) and Josiah Crites (c-46). The family called Albert "Bert".
In 1900 Albert married Martha Irene Ash (c-120), the daughter of Jannette Eugenia Smith (c-169) and James William Ash (c-168). The two witnesses were: E. Smith and L. A. Gans. The person recording the certificate was John W. Hartsoch, elder.
Albert and Irene were members of the Church of the Brethren. He directed the church choir in Live Oak, California. The custom of the Brethren of performing Christian baptism in rivers caused them to be called "Dunkers."
MARTHA IRENE ASH (called Polly as a youth) (c-120) (BS-221712-S)
born: 5 June, 1883 in Robinson, Kansas
mother: Jeanette Eugenia (SMITH)
father; James William ASH
married: 12 July, 1900 to Albert CRITES (c-45) (BS-221712) in York, North Dakota
died: 15 April, 1969 in Live Oak, California
buried: __________ in Live Oak Cemetery
source: Gerald Fecht

FRANCIS JOSEPH CRITES (c-125) (BS-2217121)
born: 12 April, 1901 in York,__________ County, North Dakota
mother: Martha Irene (ASH) (c-145) (BS-221712-S)
father: Albert CRITES (c-45) (BS-221712)
married: 1st ________ to __________
married 2nd 3 February, 1952 to Fladger FLAKE (c-161) (BS-2217121-S) in Las Vegas, ____________ County, Nevada
source: Gerald Fecht

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